Astrology forecasts with personalised Birth Charts & Year Ahead Charts. Receive one ($15), two ($25) or three ($35) for all the important people in your life. Extended by popular demand!


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    What You Get

    • Glimpse into your future with the help of comprehensive astrological charts.
    • Each set contains two personalised reports including a Birth Chart and a Year Ahead Chart.
    • Purchase one set for yourself and additional sets for the important people in your life!
    • The Birth Chart will grant you new insights about your life goals, relationships, career, motivation, creativity, home life and challenges, with a children's version also available on request.
    • The Year Ahead Chart includes a graphic timeline of the major events that you'll experience in the next 12 months.
    • These reports also make a fun, unisex gift for any special person in your life.
    • Click below to purchase and unlock the mysteries that lie ahead!
      - $15 for one set of two reports (value $58)
      - $25 for two sets of two reports (value $116)
      - $35 for three sets of two reports (value $174)

    Things You Need to Know

    • To redeem, simply follow the instructions on your OurDeal voucher.
    • Valid from 17 November 2012 to 13 December 2012.
    • Unlimited vouchers may be purchased.
    • Please allow approximately three working days for email delivery of PDF report after redeeming online.
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    • Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. No partial redemption or refunds.


    Behold! In your future I sense... the consumption of several cups of coffee, a generous slice of chocolate cake and a few reruns of Sex and the City! OK, that piece of wisdom probably won't do anyone much good. If you're after some more poignant insights into what lies ahead, check out today's Deal!

    Receive a set of personalised, astrological charts, allowing you to tackle life's challenges with a fresh perspective. Each set contains a comprehensive Birth Chart and Year Ahead Chart; pay $15 for one set, $25 for two sets or $35 for three sets for answers for all the important people in your life.

    Your reports will be delivered to your email inbox as a PDF document, so you'll always have a digital copy on hand. These reports are also a great gift idea for those special people in your life!

    Birth Chart
    Most commonly called a horoscope, natal chart or radix. This chart uses your exact time and place of birth to understand your personal relationship with the universe. You'll be inspired by new insights about your life goals, relationships, career, motivation, creativity, home life and challenges. With a specific section on your life's purpose and the attainment of joy, this is a permanent guide to your unique destiny. A children's version is also available – just tick the box when redeeming your voucher.

    Year Ahead Chart
    This report includes a detailed examination of the movement of the planets and how this can make an impact on your life. With a graphic timeline of the major events that you'll experience and a full colour birth chart, you'll easily see what's in store for you. Use this clear prediction of the next year's events to guide you through the experience. Be prepared for the challenges ahead and the chances to discover and shape your destiny.

    The team at Star Signs Reports are expert astrologers and hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of you. With experience across a variety of astrological forecasts, they have the skills and insight to interpret and construct detailed reports. Why wait to see what the future holds for you, when Star Signs Reports have all the answers?

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