Master Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more with 91% off this 40 course training package.


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    What You Get

    • Sharpen your computer skills and advance your career with a full year of 24 hour access to 40 online classes including 500 hours of training.
    • Get certified in a variety of programs without having to buy the software – all you need is access to the internet!
    • Become an expert in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Office, Access, Outlook, Visio, PaintShop Pro, Windows 7 and more. Scroll down for course info.
    • Courses are interactive, customisable to your needs and run entirely online.
    • Enjoy easy navigation and skill assessments using 2003 to 2010 software versions in the comfort of your own home.
    • Print out course completion certificates at the end of each class as proof of your new abilities.
    • Buy now to gain essential computer skills and nab your dream job!

    Things You Need to Know

    • To redeem, simply follow the instructions on your OurDeal voucher.
    • Valid from 29 January 2013. Must start course by 15 February 2013. Training material is available for 12 months after online redemption.
    • Unlimited vouchers may be purchased as gifts. Limit of one voucher redeemable per person.
    • Course login details and instructions will be emailed to you within three working days after online redemption.
    • Exam fees not included.
    • Training is compatible with PCs. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser required to access training.
    • Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. No partial redemption or refunds.


    Let's face it, you won't unlock the mysteries of Microsoft Office just by clicking your mouse continuously, muttering abuse at the monitor or threatening to throw the keyboard out the window. No, you need to study the secrets of software to become a true computer whiz!

    Farewell frustration and gain important skills that will help advance your career! Swap $99 for access to over 500 hours of online training in a variety of Microsoft Office programs (value $1,165). Get accredited with e-Careers (VAT registration number: 810562264, company registration number: 4561709).

    With a full year of 24 hour access to 40 online classes, your software skills will be in tip top shape in no time! You can even request course completion certificates at the end of each class, so you'll be able to add your skills to your CV. Courses are interactive and customisable to your needs, so you'll be totally engaged in the learning process.

    The site is easy to navigate and the courses are run completely online. You don't need any software – just access to the internet! The training is compatible with PCs, with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser required to access the course content.

    Enjoy access to all the following classes:
    - PC Computer Basics: 35 hours
    - Microsoft Access 2007:  9 hours
    - Microsoft Access 2010: 3 hours
    - Microsoft Excel 2007: 9 hours
    - Microsoft Excel 2010 (MOS) Certified: 11 hours
    - Lotus Notes 8: 8 hours
    - Microsoft Office 2007: 17 hours
    - Microsoft Office XP Upgrade: 10 hours
    - Microsoft Office 2010: 20 hours
    - Microsoft Outlook 2003 to 2010: 8 hours
    - PaintShop Pro: 8 hours
    - Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 to 2010: 11 hours
    - Project Management Professional Certification 2011: 12 hours
    - Microsoft Visio: 31 hours
    - Microsoft Word 2003: 32 hours
    - Word 2003-2010 Upgrade: 6 hours
    - Windows XP Upgrade: 6 hours
    - Windows 7: 6 hours
    - Works: 21 hours
    - And much, much more!

    Click here for the complete list with course details.

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