What is OurDeal all about?
OurDeal creates a shopping experience for the modern age that is simple, accessible and most of all, affordable. OurDeal offers its Members daily Deals at unbeatable prices with massive discounts of up to 90% off great things to see, experience and enjoy!
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How is OurDeal able to offer such amazing discounts?
Businesses that are eager for you to try out their products and services partner up with OurDeal to make you an offer you can't refuse! Businesses reap the benefits of a stream of new customers and Members enjoy an incredible Deal of up to 90% off!
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What makes OurDeal different from other group buying websites?
The OurDeal community is made up of Our Members and Our Merchants. Both are equally important to us and we strive to support the interests of Our Community every step of the way. For Our Members we deliver genuinely great Deals with no nasty surprises. Our friendly customer support team is always on hand to answer questions and resolve issues. We always represent Our Merchants in the best possible light and in accordance with their branding. Our dynamic sales team is in constant communication with merchants to provide support and make their OurDeal experience a great one.
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Is it safe to buy on OurDeal?
Completely! Your credit card details are completely safe. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure, electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers. See the OurDeal Privacy Policy for more information about your personal data. OurDeal also offers payment via PayPal. PayPal keeps your financial information safe when you buy online or on your mobile.
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Where can I find the 'fine print' of the Deals?
Each Deal that we advertise will state the price, have a description of the Deal on offer, state whether the voucher for the Deal needs to be redeemed from the Supplier (for example, by redeeming your voucher at participating stores) or if the Supplier will arrange for delivery to you. If the goods are being delivered, the Deal should state whether delivery can be made to a PO Box or whether a physical delivery address is required.
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I’d like to give you some feedback.
Got a question, query or quomplaint? Just want to tell us about what an awesome time you had at paintball or how you’ve been walking on marshmallow clouds for a week since your massage? Please contact OurDeal at support@Ourdeal.com.au and our friendly, all-knowing Customer Support Team will get back to you as fast as humanly possible.
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My business has an offer which would be perfect for OurDeal.
Howdy pardner! At OurDeal we love to bring our members exciting new products and experiences. Our professional sales team will support you through the entire process to ensure your business is reflected positively and in line with your brand.
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Are there any Terms and Conditions for OurDeal's Discount Codes?
Yes, there are.
  1. OurDeal Discount Codes are not valid if the value of the Deal is $10 or less. This is because we are not able to offer refunds or process transactions with a $0 value
  2. OurDeal Discount Codes are not valid when specified in the Deal Terms
  3. Only one Discount Code may be redeemed per transaction
  4. Discount codes are not valid for purchases made on the OurDeal iPhone App version 1.0.3 and below. Make sure you update your App to the latest version.

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Is it free to be a member?
Sure is! It costs nothing to sign up and become a member. The only thing you pay for is the incredible Deal you want to purchase. And that’s at a heavily discounted price of up to 90% off!
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I have registered to be an OurDeal member but I didn't set a password?
It’s likely you’ve only registered for the Daily Alert Emails. That sounds like about as much fun as window shopping or baking chocolate pudding with your jaw wired shut. Unlike having your jaw unwired, becoming an OurDeal member is quick and easy. Sign up now!
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When I signed up I didn’t receive my member activation email.
Often the email gets lost in the abyss of your Junk folder in your email account. If you find it there just click on the activation URL and your membership will be confirmed. Make sure you add Deals@OurDeal.com.au to your email address book so that no further OurDeal emails are sent to your Junk folder. Otherwise, try registering again by visiting the Sign Up page. Double check you are registering with the correct email address. Please email us if your personal information changes so that we always have a valid email address.
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Is there a time limit to these great Deals?
Yes! There are so many people eager to take advantage of our incredible Deals that we can only make them available for a very short period of time. We will inform you on our Website how long each Deal runs for and the number of Members who place orders for a particular Deal. So grab yourself a Deal as soon as you see it or you might miss out!
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How do I buy a Deal?
Just follow these three simple steps:
  1. Sign Up to become a Member of OurDeal and receive fantastic daily Deals straight to your inbox
  2. Choose the Deal that tickles your fancy and click "Buy".
  3. Your credit card will be charged and your voucher will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All that's left to do is print out your voucher and enjoy your deal!
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When will OurDeal charge me?
You will be charged when you purchase the Deal. You will be notified by email within 24 hours with your voucher and receipt.
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Can I cancel or return the voucher?
No. Once you have purchased a Deal, your credit card will be charged. There are no refunds.
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What if I haven’t received my voucher?
Check your Spam folder in your email account just in case it’s there. If not, please email support@OurDeal.com.au with your transaction number and your voucher will be re-sent to you.
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Do I have to use my voucher on the same day I bought it?
No. The conditions of use, expiry date, and location information about the Deal you’ve purchased are clearly outlined on your voucher.
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How do I use my voucher?
Just follow these three, simple steps!
  1. Read all the information on your voucher and be aware of any special notes or details.
  2. Make a booking if necessary, according to the method outlined in “Deal Terms” on your voucher.
  3. Print your voucher and present it to the business when redeeming your Deal.

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What information will I find on my voucher?
Each voucher will include your name, a unique voucher identification number and the terms of the Deal you purchased. It will also state whether your Deal needs to be redeemed at a particular location or if it is a delivery. Please be aware that the voucher can not be sold, redeemed for cash or applied as payment to any account.
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Can someone else use the voucher even if my name is on it?
Sure, no problem. You don’t need identification to redeem the Deal. Just print out the voucher and present it to the business. (Make sure you contact the business first to make a booking if necessary).
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I accidentally deleted my email with attached voucher.
You can view your Vouchers online at any time by Signing in to your Account. Sign In > My Account > My Vouchers Your Vouchers are available and ready for you to print through your Account. Alternatively, check your deleted folder in your email account. If it’s not there, email support@OurDeal.com.au and request to have your voucher resent. You’ll need to include your transaction number found on the payment page when you purchased your Deal.
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Can I use half my voucher now and half for my next visit?
Unless otherwise stated in the Deal Terms you will need to use the entire voucher in one session.
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Can I use my voucher with other offers?
Not unless the Deal you purchased states that it can be used in conjunction with other offers.
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I bought more than one voucher of the same Deal.
Your voucher will show the quantity purchased and the merchant will keep a record of how many you have left each time you redeem your Deal.
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Can I buy a Deal for a gift?
Of course! OurDeal vouchers make the perfect gift for friends and family who want to escape the ordinary with great things to see, experience and enjoy! You can either request OurDeal to send the voucher directly to the recipient or you can print off the voucher and give it to them yourself. Just select the option you prefer at the time of purchase.
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I received a gift voucher from OurDeal - what's this all about?
It means that someone out there thinks you deserve to see, experience and enjoy your city with an OurDeal gift voucher. Simply read the voucher instructions attached to your email, enjoy your gift and be sure to thank your friend for the experience! OurDeal creates a shopping experience for the modern age that is simple, accessible and, most of all, affordable. We offer daily Deals at unbeatable prices with massive Deals of up to 90% off great things to see, experience and enjoy delivered directly to your inbox every day. Like the sound of OurDeal? Why not become a Member now? It only takes a minute and it’s FREE to join! Become a member Or simply register for OurDeal’s Daily Alert Emails
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What happens if I can't get in contact with the business?
If at first you don’t succeed – try again. Sometimes our merchants receive a high demand and don’t always have a chance to answer the phone. Leave a voicemail if possible or send an email. Sometimes it may take a couple of days to get a reply, so just sit tight! If you suspect that there may be a serious issue, let us know and we will look into it right away.
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What happens if the business refuses to honour my Voucher?
OurDeal will contact the business for further information. You may have spoken to a staff member who was not yet aware of the OurDeal promotion. In this case we will either have the merchant re-brief all of their staff and they will contact you to proceed with your redemption, or request for you to try again. You may be in breach of certain Deal Terms that have rendered you voucher void (eg. your voucher may have expired or you may have cancelled an appointment without providing the required notice, as stated in the Deal Terms). If the Deal Terms are breached, your voucher is invalid and cannot be redeemed or refunded.

Our Website, our Services and all Deals that we advertise are directed solely to persons who are resident in Australia. If you are not an Australian resident or you access our Website from outside of Australia, then we make no representation at all that you can purchase any goods/services advertised in any Deal and you use this Website entirely at your own risk.
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How do I use my discount code?

If you received a discount code in a recent promotion, please refer back to the email and click the link on the email. Your credit will be automatically added as a discount code in your account. To view this you must first sign into your account using the email address your discount was received. If you don't know your password, simply click 'Forgot My Password' and your login details will be sent to your email inbox. Once signed into your account, the discount code will be displayed on the right side of your account page.

To use your discount code, please ensure the deal is eligible and click 'Use Code' when you checkout. The deal terms will state if discounts can be applied so please read the deal terms carefully. Please note that promotions carry expiry date and you should check the email to ensure the promotion is valid. Discount codes are only valid for eligible deals in a single purchase. No partial redemption or refunds. Cannot be exchanged for cash. Discount codes cannot be applied using the OurDeal mobile app.
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