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At some point in the future, as we zip about in our flying space-homes, shopping will be a remote-controlled experience and a mere click of a button will instantaneously conjure the object or service we desire. In this utopia, money will not be an object. Anyone and everyone will be able to enjoy gourmet meals, day spas and holidays galore!

Until then, OurDeal strives to create a shopping experience for the modern age that is simple, accessible and, most of all, affordable. Harnessing the power of the almighty internet and the power of group buying, OurDeal is able to offer its members daily Deals at unbeatable prices with massive discounts of up to 90% off great things to see, experience and enjoy!

OurDeal brings your city to your fingertips. From restaurants, day spas, hair salons, concerts and fitness sessions to adventures like paintball, scuba diving and wine tours, even those on a budget can experience the best their city has to offer.

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Hey, I'm Eric, a french student at UQ.
My girlfriend offered me a dinner for 2 at Gilhooleys Tavern.
Usually I pay (she can't afford a good restaurant) but with the massive reduction your website was offering, she made me a great pleasure as it was really not expected. And Quality was “au rendez-vous” as we say in French.
I recommend the site to all my mates to invite their friends now!



Eric C.



Today we redeemed our deal. (A bucket of prawns for 2 and a bottle of wine) What a great deal my husband and I enjoyed it so much so I'm writing to say Thank You for such a good deal.




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How does it work?

Were you the kind of kid who studied bugs under a magnifying glass, sampled the forbidden mushrooms sprouting from the neighbour’s fence or took apart your GameBoy? Aren’t you an inquisitive one! You must be wondering how OurDeal is able to offer you such incredible Deals. Click here for more information.

My business has an offer which would be perfect for OurDeal.

Great! OurDeal is focussed on sourcing exciting experiences at amazing discounts for our members. In return, OurDeal will commit to a minimum number of customers for your business, has a great team to help you through the process and will pay in a timely manner. If you'd like to know more simply email business@OurDeal.com.au or visit our Partner page.

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